Retezat Mountains: Beauty, culture and history

Our trip to the Retezat Mountains was more than just a simple mountain outing: it was a time for exploration, for the discovery of the beautiful places Romania shelters among her high peaks. So come join us on an imaginary journey, and we will tell you of the joys we found when we made our way to Retezat, in the first and the last day of our outing! Because an entire article will be dedicated to the mountain itself. It deserves it.


First day

Day one is meant for relaxation: we spend the first half of the day by the pool, basking in the sun and splashing around in the water, enthusiastic about what is to come. Later, we visit the Citadel of Samizegetusa. With this occasion, we immerse ourselves in history, seeing and feeling what the romans built here a long time ago, in the 3rd and 2nd centuries A.D. Here, the ruins still speak – the life, the culture and the spirituality of their founders are less clear today than they were centuries ago, but our sense of history demands that we preserve them.

Continuing to enjoy our pleasant afternoon, we have our first encounter with Retezat National Park. After a relaxing hike we arrive at the Râușor waterfall, 10 metres tall, which has a special charm: it is picturesque and wild. Here we find the most delightful moment of our first day, with the sweet water tingling our senses.

After a day full of beauty, we spend the evening resting at the hotel, hoping for excellent weather the next day, when ascension towards the Retezat Peak begins.


Last day

On the last day of our tour, we are drunk with exaltation from the day before, having climbed the mountain. We end the trip with another adventure into the arms of culture and history, as we take a walk in the beautiful city of Alba Iulia.

Later, we visit the medieval fort of Sibiu, which for centuries was an important spot on the map of the European continent. We take a meal full of Romanian flavours, while we rejoice in the rustic atmosphere around and admire the imprints of the past left in the architecture surrounding us. How could we not enjoy this wonder of a city, breathing still in the heart of Romania?

With a pleasant tiredness in our bodies, with fresh oxygen in our lungs and feeling ‘reborn’ after our reconnection with nature, we return home, in greek-like rhythms.

For us, this is Romania – rich in mountains and natural beauty, but also in opportunities for exploration and relaxation. And this is why, in our outings, we fully experience the beautiful places we visit, and we invite you to taste the beauty of these lands, too!

Publicat pe: 23 June 2016.

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