I’d love to go to South Polar Circle and you can help me.

Everyone has a dream, a passion, an engine that makes him/her gives all one’s got and constantly challenges one’s limits.

Hi, I am Cati, volunteer at Asociaţia Oxigen (Oxygen Association). I am a happy and cheerful person, always carrying  a smile on my face and wanderlust in my soul. And if you ask me what I love to do the most, I will respond in one gulp: to travel. And share the experience with those around me through photos and stories  on my personal blog – (Travelling Guitar).

I’m in love with mountains and ridges. We felt each other around for some time, until we completely and utterly fell in love. And since then I hike constantly, anytime I can, to  recharge my batteries. The mountains are – without doubt – my home :). An international home that always welcomed me with arms wide open, no matter what ridges I’ve climbed – in Romania, Bulgaria, Greece or Italy.

This doesn’t mean I’ve done only mountain! In my  breaks I’ve choosen to explore cities, beaches, seas and any place that can enrich my life experience. This is how I arrived in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Italy or Bulgaria. In May 2016 I’ll travel to Spain and Maroc, with the Oxygen Association. And in winter … well, who knows :)))?

You may wonder why I have told you so many things about me and my passions. Here’s why: I need help to continue my explorations and adventures.

What is it all about? It’s very simple – I’ve entered a competition which gives me the opportunity to participate in a one month expedition at the South Arctic Circle. An expedition where I can set foot in Antactica, float among seals and killer whales,  run into penguins and  admire glaciers up close.

And that’s why I need you. If you like the photos and the stories on my blog, if you ever listened to me singing and I pleased your soul or you simply believe in my dream, please enter on the link below and grant me a vote. You would help me be one step closer to my dream and to an unique journey, from where I’ll return with even more stories, 10 cards full of photos and many, many memories that I will share with you through my blog.

This is the link: https://oceanwide-expeditions.com/contest/show/43501

You can vote for me until the end of February 2016. And I will find if I will pack my luggage for this wonderful adventure by mid March.

Thank you so much for your support 🙂

Publicat pe: 28 January 2016.

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