Away from the city, discovering nature – Buzau county

At least from 2000 years we feel the presence of the greater power in all civilizations, no matter the location on the map. Sometimes we have also the courage to look deeper and ask questions, looking for answers based on the rations. We notice that the fingerprints left by humans from all times until now are connected to beliefs and to the hope of greater entities that take care of our lives and survival.
During all the changes of humanity, taking into account all the elements, it stood still…determining our concrete truth. Maybe this is the reason for which the greatest people stayed in the nature; maybe this is the reason through which people charge there batteries in the mountains, at the seaside or maybe here we can reach heaven.
Definitely each trip represents a search – that you are aware of or not – to the truth that leads to a higher purpose. Thinking of a new adventure, our steps led us towards Buzaului Mountains. Here we’ve discovered a great variety of touristic sights:
– religious places and monasteries all around the county (in places like Alunis, Bozioru, Nucu, Ruginoasa, Braesti s.a.), the tracic Necropola (Naeni village) that has over 2500 years old;
– the trovants (the living stones) from Ulmet, the muddy vulcanoes from Scortoasa and Berca;
– The Amber Museum and the stone sculptures from Magura and Naeni;
– The accumulation lake from Siriu – that cuts your breath at sunset with its beauty;
– and many other sights.
Please enjoy some photos from these places!




What we felt?… Words are too poor to express the feelings and our gratitude to the local guide – Diana Gavrila. Here time took a different shape – from the religious places founded at 1500 to legends from Dacians, from weird rocks that grow every minute to pyramids hidden in the forest. We went through beautiful places where the heart beats tried to fight the echo of the no man land.

…We are convinced that these places embrace warmly the sincere man that want to discover part of the creation.


Publicat pe: 7 September 2014.

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