Alin Tava Memorial

Who was Alin Tavă?

Alin Tavă, mountain rescuer from Iași Valley, was on top 10 skiers of Argeș County. As child, he could reach school only skiing as the building was at a considerable distance from home.

Later, he became a mountain fanatic dedicating himself to mountain rescues.

Unfortunately, what gave him strength to lead his life was the cause of his death, as well. At 28 years old, Alin dies in March 2005. He had been caught in an avalanche while in a rescue mission on the trail between Capra Hut and Salvamont Shelter.

He left behind a bereft family – his wife and his 7 year old son.

Main objectives of the event

  • raising awareness regarding the risks of avalanches and their catastrophic consequences on tourists that choose inadequate trails on winter;
  • learning basic rescue techniques in case of avalanche.

Event’s cause

Romania does not register in the top most catastrophic avalanches neither as dimension, nor as material damagees. Despite this fact, Romania registers a greater number of avalanches victims among mountain and winter sports fans than countries where winter sports are more developed and are practiced at higher altitudes than us. The main cause is the lack of knowledge regarding avalanches mechanisms and individual protecting actions. Famous Lionel Terray said that “the most dangerous thing in mountaineering is youth recklessness”.

The event organized in Alin Tavă’s memory aims at preventing such damaging incidents focusing on the severity of avalanches risks that have to be taken into account before choosing a winter trail.

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Publicat pe: 1 March 2012.

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